Special Rolls

1. Chelsea Special

Inside: Shrimp tempura, cucumber, Top: Spicy tuna and tempura flake


2. Coco

Inside: Poki tuna, sake and cucumber
Top: Hamachi and mango


3. Gaby

Inside: Spicy tuna and avocado topped with mango


4. Patty

Inside: Spicy tuna, spicy crab & cucumber. Outside: Assorted sashimi, snow crab, jalapeño and tobiko with Chef’s Special Sauce


5. Isela

Inside: Shrimp tempura & crab salad. Outside: Avocado with unagi Sauce and spicy mayo.


6. Sunset

Cucumber wrap with assorted sashimi, avocado, crab salad and ponze sauce


7. Summer

Inside: Asparagus and crab salad. Top: Hamachi and jalapeño


8. Dragon

Inside: Shrimp tempura, crab & cucumber. Outside: Unagi, avocado with tobiko and unagi sauce


9. Green Dragon

Inside: Shrimp, crab salad and cucumber. Topped with avocado, seaweed salad and unagi sauce


10. Hip Hop

Inside: Shrimp tempura
and Avocado.
Topped with garlic white tuna.


11. Lion King

Inside: Avocado & crab salad
Outside: Salmon baked with Chef’s Special Sauce


12. Baja

Deep fried California Roll with Shiracha and unagi sauce


13. Hailey

Inside: Shrimp tempura & crab salad
Top: Tuna with spicy sauce and tobiko


14. Tiger

Inside: Shrimp tempura and crab salad. Outside: Ebi with unagi sauce and tobiko


15. Snow White

Inside: Shrimp tempura and crab salad Outside: Snow crab, avocado, unagi sauce with sesame seeds.


16. SF Giants

Inside: Shrimp tempura & spicy tuna.
Outside: Salmon, spicy may, Tobiko with Shiracha and Unagi sauce


17. Cherry Blossom

Inside: Fresh Salmon and avocado. Topped with tuna


18. Lemon Blossom

Inside: Shirmp tempura, spicy tuna & cucumber. Outside: Salmon with slice lemon, unagi sauce and Shiracha sauce.


19. Brentwood

Soy paper wrap with assorted sashimi, avocado and cucumber with Chef’s Spicy Sauce


20. Tango

Inside: Shrimp Tempura and cream cheese. Outside: Spicy Tuna, unagi and unagi sauce